Pedra Agroindustrial

We operate in the renewable energy area with competitiveness, respecting the environment and contributing to the development Social. Here we sow opportunities for the future of the planet.

Pedra Agroindustrial

Sugarcane is an alternative for the planet’s sustainable growth and contributes to building the future we seek.

Pedra Agroindustrial

We make a daily commitment to society and to the sustainable growth of the planet.




Jornal Observador

Observador - May / 2024

Actions for development

Responsabilidade Social da Pedra Agroindustrial
Responsibility Social
Responsabilidade Ambiental da Pedra Agroindustrial
Responsibility Environmental

Portal dos Fornecedores e Parceiros de Cana

Here you have access to the main information about our harvest, including harvest demonstrations, weighing vouchers and electronic invoices.